About me

This is me

Hi! My name is Anika and this is a bit about me :)

I'm based in South Co. Dublin and about to graduate as a student in IADT. I'm studying Design for Stage and Screen; Production Design. In this course, I'm learning to become a more innovative designer as well as building on my 3D modelmaking, rendering and draughtsmanship skills, both physically and digitally. I was the leading designer for the past two years in IADT's annual Opera Production with RIAM. 

I am interested in stop-motion animated productions and have designed, directed, created and co-produced two of my own with other IADT students. 'The Toll' has since won an Award for Best Animation at the Disappear Here Film Festival in Donegal and was selected for others such as the Dingle Animation Festival. 'Colour Me Pink' is a stop-motion music video created for the talented K E L, soon to be released!

I've also enjoyed working on a couple of music videos over the past two years with some very talented Irish artists. 

I worked with a youth group named YouthINK to create a film, Bridget and the Wolves, which premiered in the Lighthouse Cinema on May 15th 2023.

I'm a young aspiring designer who is up for anything and looking for more great experiences. If you need someone in the art department or are just involved in the film or theatre industry, please feel free to contact me below and follow my Instagram account! 

CV can also be found below